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Online check-in

If you’ve chosen to check in online, you can do this from 28 days and up to 5 hours before your departure. You can check in via the website or the mobile app. Please remember to download your mobile boarding passes on the app onto your smartphone or alternatively print your passes on the desktop site. If you’ve got hold baggage to check in, simply go to the check-in area (look out for our friendly staff in red uniforms) when you arrive at the airport. Remember that our check-in desks close 40 minutes before your departure. If you’re travelling with just hand baggage, you can go straight to airport security with your boarding pass.

What if I’ve chosen online check-in but can’t print my boarding pass?

Don’t worry – if you don’t have a printer it’s easy to download the free app and get mobile boarding passes.

To find out more about how to check in and get your boarding passes through the app, please watch our handy video guide

If you’d prefer to print your boarding passes but cannot do so, please contact our Call Centre.

Can I check in online if I am travelling with an infant?

Yes. If you are travelling with an infant then your party will have the option to complete online check-in.

Airport check-in

If you have selected to check in at the airport during your booking process, please go directly to the check-in area assigned to your flight number.

Can I change my booking once I have checked in online?

No - once you have checked in online no further changes are permitted to that booking.

What time should I check in?

Unless stated below check-in desks open two hours prior and will close 40 minutes before your scheduled time of departure, by which time all customers must have completed the check-in process. If you arrive at check-in after the flight has closed you will not be permitted to travel.

  • Alicante - 3 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Belfast - 2.5 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • East Midlands - 3.5 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Edinburgh - 3 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Faro - 2.5 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Glasgow - 3 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Leeds Bradford - 3 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Manchester - 3.5 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure
  • Newcastle - 3 Hours Prior To Scheduled Departure

We strongly recommend all customers to arrive at check-in no later than 2 hours before the scheduled departure time. If you are planning to travel with excess baggage please allow extra time to complete the check-in process.

What time do I need to be at the boarding gate?

You must be at the Boarding Gate no later than 30 minutes before the scheduled time of departure. Please note that flights cannot wait for anyone who has been delayed at Security points within the airport.

Mobile boarding passes

Can I get a mobile boarding pass?

Yes. Mobile boarding passes are now available in the mobile apps on iOS and Android for the majority of our destinations. To find out more about how to check in and get your boarding passes through the app, please watch our handy video guide

Unfortunately, there are some airports that don’t accept mobile boarding passes at the moment. You will still be able to check in online and get a boarding pass on your smartphone. However, if you are travelling to one of the following destinations, please still go to the check–in desk at the airport. There will be no charge if you have already checked in online or have pre-selected airport check in:
Antalya (AYT)
Bodrum (BJV)
Dalaman (DLM)
New York (EWR)

Can I download boarding passes to my mobile?

Yes. Simply choose online check-in when you book. Log in to Manage My Booking (desktop or tablet) and check in online, then select to download the app. From here, you can download the app and access your boarding passes, then save them to Apple Wallet on iOS or to your downloads folder on Android. Alternatively, you can check in, manage you booking and get boarding passes on your mobile using the app. No need to print - just show the pass on your screen when you get to the airport.

Does my mobile boarding pass replace a printed boarding pass?

Yes, you don't need both. If you’ve downloaded the app and have your boarding passes within the app or downloaded to Apple Wallet on iOS or saved to your downloads folder on Android, we’ll treat them exactly the same as paper boarding passes. We’ll scan them directly from your smartphone at the bag drop desk, security, and boarding gates. You’ll also need to show them when you board the aircraft.

Will mobile boarding passes work with my smartphone?

Our mobile boarding passes are compatible with the majority of smartphones and will be available to access offline.

  1. For iPhone - You can add your boarding card to Apple Wallet (iOS9+) or Passbook (iOS6+)

    1. For Android – You can download the boarding pass to your downloads folder.

Can I use Mobile Boarding Passes in the app?

On the app, you can get mobile boarding passes and save them to Apple wallet on iOS. Mobile boarding passes are available to customers who check in online through the desktop, app or mobile website.

We are still working on adding mobile boarding passes to the Jet2Holidays app.

Can I use mobile boarding passes on Apple Watch?

No, not at the moment. Getting your wrist under some airport scanners is not always practical. For now, we’d rather you enjoy passing through the airport quicker by using our mobile boarding passes that are easy to scan on your smartphone.

How many boarding passes can I save to one smartphone?

To make things simpler, you can save boarding passes for up to 8 passengers to the same smartphone. If you are in a larger group, you can still use mobile boarding passes but you’ll need to send them to different phones, or print them out if you prefer. But don’t worry, you can also send and share passes between phones with ease in the app! When using multiple boarding passes per device, please ensure your group stays together at the bag drop, security, gate and when boarding the aircraft.

What happens if I lose my phone or my battery dies?

Don’t worry, similar to if you lost a printed boarding pass, you can go to the check-in desk at the airport for a replacement boarding card.

What happens if there is a change to my booking?

You’ll need to delete your old boarding pass from your smartphone and then check-in again to download your new mobile boarding pass.

Can I print out my mobile boarding pass?

No, please don't print out your mobile pass. We can only accept your mobile boarding pass if you display it on your smartphone. If you want to print a boarding pass, please use the print-friendly PDF when you check-in online.

Do all airports, flights and routes accept mobile boarding passes?

Mobile boarding passes are now available for the majority of our destinations. There’s just a small number of airports that require you to receive a printed boarding card at the airport.

You can still check in online for these destinations but you will need to visit the check in desk at the airport to be given your boarding pass. These airports are: Antalya (AYT), Bodrum (BJV), Dalaman (DLM) and New York (EWR)