Cultured and historical with dazzling scenery!

Salzburg is the fourth-largest city in Austria, famous for being the birthplace of Mozart and surrounded by beautiful mountainous settings. Adorned with Baroque architecture, and with 130 ski resorts located within a 3 hour drive of the city, Salzburg will provide a perfect holiday destination whatever your taste.


Sightseeing in Salzburg

The city of Salzburg leaves you spoilt for choice when it comes to sightseeing attractions. There are many art galleries featuring both older and contemporary art, museums such as the Salzburg Museum which has insights into Salzburg's history, art and culture and of course the house where Mozart was born and lived.

The Salzburger Dom is a 17th century Baroque cathedral and takes pride of place in the centre of Salzburg. It was damaged during World War II but was restored and expanded. Its mighty dome can be seen from across the city.

The 11th century fortress Festung Hohensalzburg is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe and sits magnificently overlooking the city on Festunburg Hill. It has many of the features typical of a medieval stronghold including torture chambers, excellent for those who want a little gore. The castle is especially worth a visit considering the spectacular city and alpine views seen from the hilltop.

Another historic building to visit is Hellbrunn Palace, built for Prince-Archbishop of Salzburg in the 17th century which he used as his day residence. The Palace is famous for its water games in the grounds and Hellbrunn Zoo which shares the large grounds with the Palace.

The Mozart Memorial can be found in Mozartplatz, or Mozart Square. The square is a bustling place with live musicians and many shops and cafes to explore including the Glockenspiel Café, where Mozart himself spent many hours.


Fun Seekers in Salzburg

The location of Salzburg makes for an excellent adventure holiday location as there is always a mountain to climb or a lake to sail across. Climbing, golf, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting and snowshoeing are just some of the many activities you can try your hand at.

If you're up for day of beer drinking why not visit the Stiegl Brauwelt, a privately owned brewery which has opened an informative museum based around the history and development of beer. You can see old machinery used to make beer and learn about techniques and ingredients needed to make the perfect pint. After the tour sit down to a meal and beer made directly on site.

The nightlife in Salzburg is found around the squares which are lined with bars, pubs and cafes. Visit the Segabar for live music and beer or if you want somewhere with an exotic twist then head to Seitensprung, a chic bar with a fantastic cocktail menu.

With 130 ski resorts within a 3 hour drive of Salzburg Airport why not use Salzburg as your gateway to the slopes? Head to some of the popular resorts such as Alpbach, Ellmau, Kitzbühel, Obertauern, Söll and Schladming all with varying levels of difficulty.


Family Fun in Salzburg

When many people think of Austria, they think of the musical The Sound of Music. In fact Salzburg was home to the Von Trapp family and the location for the filming of the musical based on their lives starring Julie Andrews. If you're a fan why not experience the driven tour around the key locations to the film such as the Convent where Maria Von Trapp was a novice.

The Haus der Natur or Natural History Museum includes a 40 tank aquarium, a 200 animal reptile house, dinosaur skeletons, geology and earth science sections as well as more diverse exhibits on technology and space exploration - there is something to interest the entire family here.

Another fun attraction for the whole family to visit is Hellbrunn Zoo, which has over 400 animals from all over the world in a natural environment. Watch cheetahs being fed, monkeys swinging on ropes and vultures flying above as you get up close and personal with native and exotic animals.

Werfen Ice Caves are the largest in the world and can be reached by cable car. The walls and ceilings of the caves are lined with glittering blue and white ice as they stretch deep into the mountain for 42km. Don't forget to take warm clothes and good shoes with gripped soles because even on the hottest August day the temperature inside the caves can be below 0ºC.


Romantic Breaks in Salzburg

Sitting outside a cosy café, enjoying a hot drink surrounded by alpine peaks, hills and castles with the one you love could not get any more romantic. The beautiful scenery creates a romantic ambience and you can't help but fall even deeper in love as you stroll hand in hand around Salzburg's Market Squares.

Take a trip on the cable railway into the mountains and take in yet more dazzling scenery. Go on a horse and carriage or sleigh ride around the city and see some of the spectacular and historic sites that Salzburg has to offer.


Top Tips in Salzburg

For luxury dining, be sure to visit Reidenburg for fine food and a good place to spot celebrities during the Salzburg Festival.

If you want classy and tasty yet affordable food then head to Goldener Hirsch. For good value traditional cuisine then try Andreas Hofer Stube.

Key phrases

  • Hello - Grüß Gott
  • Goodbye - Auf Wiedersehen
  • Yes - Ja
  • No - Nein
  • Please - Bitte
  • Thank you – Danke
  • Excuse me - Entschuldigung
  • Do you speak English? - Sprechen Sie Englisch?
  • I don't understand - Ich habe Sie nicht verstanden
  • Where is the ... - Wo ist ...
  • Train Station - der Bahnhof
  • Tram/Bus stop - die Straßenbahn-/Bushaltestelle
  • Bank - die Bank
  • Tourist Office - die Touristeninformation
  • What time does the train leave? - Wann fährt der Zug ab?
  • I'd like a single/return ticket - Ich hätte gern eine einfache Fahrkarte/eine Rückfahrkart
  • Do you have any rooms available? - Haben Sie ein Zimmer frei?
  • How much is it? - Wie viel kostet das?
  • I need a doctor - Ich brauche einen Arzt
  • What time is it? - Wie spät ist es?
  • Call the police/an ambulance – Rufen Sie die Polizei/die Rettung

Cost of a pint of beer: £1.40