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Sun, sea and historical sights

For a holiday to one of the most beautiful destinations in the Mediterranean Sea it would be hard to find somewhere better than Cyprus. With a claim to being the birthplace of none other than Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, as well as having a vast mixture of history, long sandy beaches and fantastic nightlife, there is something to suit everybody.

Cyprus' Mediterranean climate means the island basks in amazing weather during the summer months. June to September is hot and action-packed with August being the peak of Cyprus' tourist season.


Sightseeing in Paphos

You can experience the region's long heritage stretching back over 9,000 years. Reminders of the island's history can be found with Greek temples, Roman mosaics and 15th-century frescoes available for all to see. The local villagers take on the creative spirit of their ancestors and you are never too far away from a stall selling woven baskets, tapestries, pottery, silver, copperware or beautiful lacework.

A Wide Choice of Fantastic Places to Visit in Paphos

Kourion Archaeological Site - One of the most spectacular archaeological sites on the island, Kourion was an important city kingdom where excavations continue to reveal impressive new treasures. Noted particularly for its magnificent Greco-Roman theatre, Kourion is also home to stately villas with exquisite mosaic floors and an early Christian basilica among other treasures.

Lefkosia (Nicosia) - Lefkosia is a beautiful, friendly place with fantastic restaurants, a buzzing art scene and breathtaking museums. Lefkosia offers a more traditional view of Cyprus and gives travellers an insight into what the way of life in Cyprus is really like compared to the coastal towns. Guarded by 16th-century Venetian walls is the old town it's a must see for anybody visiting Cyprus. There are also many museums to see in the area including the Leventis Municipal, the Dragoman Hadzigeorgakis and the Byzantine Museum.

Troödos Massif - The Troödos region mountains, in the country's south, are well worth a visit for their tranquil atmosphere and a chance to escape the bustling tourist hot spots. The area is a favourite for hikers and is littered with 15th-century frescoed monasteries, wine-making villages and walking trails.

Paphos Mosaics - The mosaic floors date from the 3rd to the 5th Centuries AD and are considered amongst the finest in the eastern Mediterranean. They depict mainly scenes from Greek mythology - the mosaics at the House of Dionysos depict the god of wine while at the House of Thyseus the struggle against the Minotaur.

Kolossi Castle - Kolossi Castle is nestled near the village houses and vineyards in the area. The castle acts as a reminder of the rule of the Knights of St John in the 13th century. The famous Cypriot wine, Commandaria, was first produced here and no visit would be complete without sampling this rich dessert wine. The castle is accessible by a short drawbridge. In earlier days the castle was originally defended by a high parapet from which the castle occupants dropped molten lead or boiling oil – but don't worry there's a friendly reception for all visitors now!


Fun Seekers in Paphos

Sun seekers and clubbers will find more than enough to do when arriving for a holiday in the coastal resorts of the island. You can also explore a bit more by heading inland to visit traditional villages, medieval castles and impressive ancient sites.

Fantastic Nightlife in Paphos

Paphos is great for nightlife, with the aptly named Bar Street dedicated to clubs and bars with a mix of locals and tourists and a brilliant atmosphere. You can find a bar to cater to your taste as they all play a variety of music and there are a few karaoke bars thrown in too. Most places have drinks offers on so get yourself a cocktail or two and dance the night away! During the day you can relax on the soft sandy beaches or if you still have some energy left, why not take part in the different watersports on offer like a white knuckle banana boat ride or maybe just a snorkel around the bay?


Family Fun in Paphos

With its beautiful sandy beaches, hot climate and plenty of attractions, Cyprus is a fun holiday destination in the sun for all the family. Make a splash at Paphos Waterpark, with chutes and slides for the daredevils and a children's play area for the younger ones. Paphos also has a variety of entertaining places to visit including an aquarium, a bird park featuring many species and a mini-golf adventure course.


Romantic Breaks in Paphos

What destination could be more ideal for a romantic getaway than the birthplace of the god of love, Venus? The beautiful island of Cyprus is an idyllic setting for a relaxing holiday together. Why not visit Aphrodite's Rock where Venus emerged from the sea, then stay there for the evening and enjoy a glass of wine while the sun goes down?

Cyprus is a country where east meets west with amazing boutiques and relaxing spas sitting next to traditional villages and beautiful, long sandy beaches, all set in the backdrop of amazing mountains! A romantic stay here will of course involve plenty of wining and dining with a variety of restaurants to enjoy an intimate meal together. From authentic tavernas where you can sample the best in Cypriot cooking to eating in one of the many Italian, oriental and fish restaurants, you can enjoy it all in Cyprus.


Top Tips in Paphos

Take a boat trip for the day or better still explore the warm waters diving and snorkelling off the Akamas coast.

Clubbers should start off the night in pre-club bars that hand out discounted entry flyers into the main clubs.

Cost of a pint of beer:£1.20