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Speedy and smooth refunds
if we have to cancel

Speedy and smooth refunds

Planning a getaway or already booked? Award-winning customer service is a huge part of what we do, so you can expect a stress-free experience if you’d like to amend your booking or we have to cancel. We’ve got the trophies to prove it, plus we’ve been praised by consumer experts for the speedy and smooth way we deal with refunds, if we have to cancel. Below you'll find the details of our Changes and Refunds Policy, along with links to our Traffic Light Update, Face Mask Policy and travel requirements.

Important information before you travel

Our Changes and Refunds Policy

Last updated: 15 July 2021, 18:42

Automatic cancellations

Amend or cancel your flight(s)

Amend your flight(s)

Choose Jet2.com – we’re here for you!

*If when amending your flight the total cost increases, you’ll need to pay the difference.

Our Changes & Refunds Policy is kept under constant review and may be amended at any time.