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Cabin Crew daughter inspires 50-year-old mother to pursue dream career with

Published: Thu 29 Feb 2024 at 12:40

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A Doncaster-born mother, who fulfilled her lifelong ambition to become a member of Cabin Crew at the age of 50, is revealing how she was inspired to change careers and follow in the footsteps of her daughter, ahead of Mother's Day. 

Lorraine Mahon was 50 years old when she decided to switch career and pursue her calling in aviation as a member of Cabin Crew having been inspired by her daughter, Amber Mahon. 29-year-old Amber has been part of the team for nine years, after joining the leading leisure airline as Cabin Crew in 2015 and persuaded her mum, Lorraine, to retrain and prove that age is no barrier when it comes to changing occupation.  

After leaving her job of 19 years, Lorraine was offered the opportunity to join’s award-winning Cabin Crew team and following her training took to the skies for her first flight in 2019. Since then, Lorraine has not looked back and is now encouraging others to find their passion whatever their age. 

Commenting on how her daughter’s success inspired her career change in later life, Lorraine said: “After working in the motor trade and feeling stuck in my job, I took the plunge to join as Cabin Crew and I am so glad I did. I used to listen to Amber’s amazing stories whenever she came home from work and was constantly thinking about how much I would love to experience the same passion that she has for her job. At this stage in my career, I assumed I would be too old to apply, but Amber was there to reassure me and supported me throughout my training. I’m now 55 and love my job more than ever!” 

Amber added: “Usually, it is the other way around, with the mother’s career inspiring her children as they grow up. However, I feel very proud to have helped my mum achieve happiness in her career once again and embark on a profession that she deserves after always being there for me. As she clearly saw how much I love working as Cabin Crew for, I encouraged her to just go for it as well!” 

Over the past five years in her new role, Lorraine has felt incredibly supported by to pursue her new career and particularly enjoys the healthy work-life balance the company offers. Lorraine said: “Each day I feel blessed to be working alongside my amazing colleagues. is an upbeat and dynamic airline to work for where no two shifts are the same. Meeting hundreds of happy holidaymakers and taking them off on their well-deserved holidays is extremely fulfilling, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.”   

By following in her daughter’s footsteps, the pair are no strangers to flying together, having operated flights to destinations across Europe and the Mediterranean from their UK airport base, Leeds Bradford Airport. Most recently, Lorraine and Amber celebrated Mother’s Day early by operating their fifth flight together to Antalya last week. 

Lorraine explained: “As we know each other so well, we bounce off one another whenever we work together. As mum and daughter, you might think that we would sometimes annoy one another, but it just works perfectly when we fly together, and we absolutely love it.” 

Amber agreed that working alongside her mother feels natural, commenting: “We’re very similar people so we’ve always gotten on very well. It’s always so much fun whenever we have the opportunity to fly together – I can always expect a joyful day at work filled with laughter when I’m rostered on the same flight as my mum!” 

Excited at the prospect of flying together more frequently in the future, Amber said: “As we prepare for and Jet2holidays’ busiest summer of flying yet, we will be comparing rosters for any potential opportunities to be able to work together again. Now that I no longer live at home, I don’t see my mum as often as I would like, so it’s amazing to be able to see each other more often at work doing a job we both love.”  

She added: “Hopefully, our schedules will align once again to proudly fly together on Mother’s Day, making the celebration even more special!” 

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