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UK passenger locator form

Everyone needs to fill in a UK passenger locator form (PLF) within the 48 hours before arriving in the UK.

Please note, you’ll need to book your day two test (plus a day eight test if you’re 18 and over, not fully vaccinated) before you return to the UK to be able to complete this form.

And just so you know, we can’t give you a valid boarding pass for your flight to the UK until we’ve seen evidence of your completed UK passenger locator form. Therefore, you must complete it before going to airport check-in. If you need any extra help with filling in your form, you can call a UK Government helpline Monday to Friday between 9am and 5pm. For contact details and further information, read more here.

Here’s what you need to do before your flight to the UK:

  1. Check in online
  2. Complete the UK passenger locator form in the 48 hours before your flight to the UK
  3. Log in to Manage My Booking and enter your UK passenger locator form reference number
  4. Download or print your valid boarding pass*

*If you're traveling from Turkey, Malta or Croatia, you'll need to go to the airport check-in desk to get your valid boarding pass.

Get your journey to the UK off to a great start by finding out all you need to know below…

What you need to know before filling out a UK passenger locator form

What is a UK passenger locator form?

Who needs to fill it out?

When do I fill it out?

How long does it take to fill out?

How to start your UK passenger locator form

Set up an account

Log back in

Set up your profile

How to fill out your trip-specific details

When you log back in at some point within the 48 hours before you’re due to arrive in the UK, you need to click “create a new form” to fill in your trip-specific details.

Vaccination status

Your vaccination details

Verify your vaccination details

Travel plans

Details of your arrival in the UK

Dates of travel

People you're travelling with

Your visit

Self-isolation in the UK

Where in the UK you're staying

Testing in the UK


After completion

Where can I find the form?

To fill out the form, visit

Just so you know, we try to keep this page as up to date as possible so that we can help you as much as we can. But things can quickly change these days, so the live UK passenger locator form might not always look as exactly as we’ve described above. Make sure you complete your UK passenger locator form online via the official website.